A Floral Feast

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Nothing is more soothing than looking at a glimmering blossom enhanced by a clear sunrise. Dangling gently while proving its resilience against mild gusts. Indisputably, nature provides the best ambience that can mollify the senses.



via Daily Prompt: Infinite

Boundless is the mother’s love
Unfathomable are the depths of trenches
Countless are my mind’s fantasies
Endless are the possibilities of life
Limitless are the toddler’s curiosities
Immeasurable is the pain of betrayal
Innumerable are the diverseness of life forms
Horizonless are the aspirations of young minds
Bottomless are the hearts of saints
Infinite is the world I live in


‘Ascending the Everest’ may not be a startling news at present but it would have been, a century back. The idea of space travel still awes humans but not as sensational as the first voyage to the Moon. How can time alter such human thoughts dramatically. Is it only time? Or, is it us? Well, time is after all, an indirect factor. The only thing that can play tricks on us is our very own minds.The human brain is indisputably one of the most complex and fascinating things mankind has stumbled upon. It has the potential to manipulate anything, be it a murderer turned saint or an ambitious man committing suicide. So what happens precisely?

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Imagination … Yes. When you look at an accident with your very own eyes, a record of the visuals is made by the brain involuntarily. This cannot be exaggerated even if you try to. But, what happens when the same incident is narrated by someone else? There are no visual records to relate with. So, your brain is forced to fabricate things in order to digest the story. And, yes! Imagination has no boundaries. It keeps exaggerating with every moment you recall that incident. You incessantly keep building your castles until someone shows you the actual footage of the accident and everything is demolished. You feel cheated. Does this look familiar? You would have come across many such instances – hearing a legend, reading a myth, meeting a celebrity for the first time, exposed to an incomprehensible idea and many more. But once you find out that it’s not up to your expectations, you no more get the bumps. Your attitude changes to – ‘I have already done it’,’It’s not a big deal’,’So common’.

Perception filters an individual’s view of reality. One man’s value is another man’s perception. Even the mightiest act can lose its significance just because people think differently.